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Welcome to Fire Wrapz, your top destination for the ultimate paint protection solutions for your vehicle. Our Paint Protection Film Installation services shield your car’s exterior, ensuring it remains in pristine condition, no matter the elements it encounters.

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Every vehicle owner loves a spotless, glossy car exterior. However, maintaining this pristine condition amidst road debris, weather elements, and accidental scratches is a constant challenge.

Avoid Unwanted Damages and Expenses

Imagine the horror of discovering a fresh scratch or stone chip on your beloved vehicle. These unsightly marks tarnish your car’s appearance, potentially leading to decreased value. Moreover, traditional solutions often involve expensive and time-consuming paint jobs.

Superior Vehicle Protection with Fire Wrapz

That’s where Fire Wrapz’s Paint Protection Film comes in. Our top-tier Paint Protection Film Installation service offers an invisible yet robust shield that guards your vehicle against everyday wear and tear, ensuring it always looks its best.

An Invisible Armour

What Is Paint Protection Film?



Our Paint Protection Film is a thin yet incredibly durable polyurethane film applied over your car’s paint. Designed to absorb impact from minor scratches and stone chips, it protects your vehicle from damage while being virtually invisible. It can be applied to the whole vehicle or specific high-impact areas, such as bumpers, side mirrors, and hoods, based on your needs.

Enduring Impact Resistance

Our Paint Protection Film is not only built to withstand minor damages but also excels in handling significant impacts. It acts as a resilient barrier against various elements such as stones, road debris, and even bird droppings. With our film, you can drive worry-free, knowing your vehicle’s paint job stays immaculate and protected.

Hassle-free Cleaning

A huge benefit of our Paint Protection Film is the ease of maintenance. It comes with a self-healing feature, meaning it can restore its original form after minor scratches. Plus, regular cleaning is as simple as it is with your car’s original paint, no special products required. Enjoy a consistently polished look without the extra fuss.

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We begin with understanding your specific needs and determining the areas of your vehicle that require protection.

Precise Application

We will meticulously applies the Paint Protection Film, ensuring it adheres perfectly without altering your vehicle’s appearance.

Quality Assurance

We conduct thorough checks to guarantee the film’s flawless application, leaving your vehicle ready for the road.


Answering Your Wrap Queries


What is a Paint Protection Film?

Paint Protection Film, often referred to as PPF, is a high-quality, thin yet durable polyurethane film that’s applied to your vehicle’s exterior. It acts as a barrier against potential damage from road debris, minor scratches, stone chips, and weather elements, preserving your car’s original paintwork.

How long does the Paint Protection Film last?

The longevity of a Paint Protection Film can vary depending on factors like the quality of the film, the quality of installation, and how well it’s maintained. However, at Fire Wrapz, our high-grade films coupled with professional installation typically last between five to ten years. Regular maintenance can help to prolong the film’s life.

Will the Paint Protection Film alter the appearance of my vehicle?

Not at all. Our Paint Protection Film is virtually invisible and designed to enhance your vehicle’s look rather than change it. It gives your car a glossy finish and makes the original paint look richer. The film is applied with precision to ensure it’s almost undetectable to the naked eye, maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle.

Can Paint Protection Film be applied to any vehicle?

Yes, Paint Protection Film can be applied to virtually any vehicle. From cars and trucks to motorcycles, boats, and jet skis, our skilled technicians can tailor the application process to fit the unique contours and shapes of your vehicle.

How is the Paint Protection Film maintained?

Maintaining Paint Protection Film is as simple as maintaining your vehicle’s original paintwork. Regular washing and waxing will keep the film looking its best. It’s also important to remove any dirt, grime, or bird droppings as soon as possible to prevent them from staining the film. For optimal longevity, we recommend using cleaning products designed for vehicle wraps and films.

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